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Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer in a Daydream

by Bénne
Summer was bliss
I met a man who I now miss
His name keeps playing in my head
It was his voice that sings into my hear
But today he was nowhere
I went back to summer to find him
But then I awake to realise it was just a daydream

Nobody Home

by Bénne
I tried to phone
He was home alone
Cold was the winter nights
And in his house he had no lights
I tried to phone that I was coming home
I got home and opened the door
I got home and saw he was gone

Nobody’s Child

by Bénne
A child cries for his mother
Alone in the park nowhere was his brother
His father is now seen with another
And his sister showed no bother
They visit him Summers sun, autumn leaves
Winter’s snow and spring falls
In the park he cried till he was grown
But all through the years he was still alone
Nothing changed and he remained unknown

Us in the world

by Bénne
It’s only us left in this world
We trapped in this glass called life
And memories don’t seem to ring a bell
I know this winter is like a knife
But I promise you it can cause us no wounds
We will make it like they did
Soon we will see the flowers bloom
Little brother, have faith for this is not our doom

Together Apart

by Bénne
To come as one eternally bounded by love
Is one promise in our hearts yet to be fulfilled
Though we both are farther apart
It’s amazing our hearts still found each other
They came together and made a love song
They sang of pleasant things we say to each other
And it causes my heart the joy of being in love with you
And everyday I wish to have more of this
That some day we’ll spend our lives in the years to come
And share the memories we would always preserve
You make me so happy beyond any dreams
To me you all what ‘I love you’ means 

Gone with the Wind

by Bénne
Never push the one you love and make the wind carry her away
You can only be a fool to be handing a rare diamond to an animal
The sad empty feeling you’ll cause upon your soul on this day
Will creep into your heart when the wind blows out the candle
With your bare hands and before your eyes you abused her
What there had stopped you? You threw your love to the wind
From your mouth you were rude and with it you accused her
What kind words had stopped you? You threw your heart to the wind
And when her spirit cried and bled you showed her no care
Your compassion was now blind. You forgot love was there
You evicted her from your heart paved way for hatred to reside in
You never spoke peace when things had inadvertently gone wrong
But pride in you showed no hesitant to have her forever gone
With her little strength ever waning she still proved she loved you
But you gave her away to the wind and created emptiness in your heart
Now you stand on mountains searching for the wind that took her
Vain is your search for the wind did not drop her on mountain top
Beneath you in the valley among fields of chrysanthemums, the wind laid her

Living Arms

by Bénne
I sit by the street and watch the living walk pass
Their eyes saw nothing more than an invisible arm
“Sir anything you can share with me, please?” I cried out
Playing his favourite music in his ears, I cried no more
The sun scorches and soon appeared patches of dry lands
I smiled as I look up and saw the sun appeared in the sky again
Then down where wishes are conceived, I wish to be a living
One who sorrows creates no darkness in his mind and world
I birth the wish to walk on my feet and be seen a living being
But all day I sit till my life weakens from hunger and slowly, I curl
Then when my voice could no longer make a sound to the living,
My begging arms emerge in his sight but he saw no life

Sunday, 14 August 2011

To my dear one

By Bénne
Thinking of you all day long is like being hypnotised
And when you away I wish I could make you realise
How dreaming of another becomes only impossible
And then I feel trapped, alone weary and miserable

Saying you love me is not sufficient to my ears
Fears appear when ‘I love you’ turns into simple words
Say it with a passion, mesmerizing me with your charms
Say them with longing and I’ll freely slither into your arms

Given in my lifetime the years to live on and on,
I’ll always have much love for you even at dawn
We’ll always stay together to nest our mutual love
You and I, we are whole and we are just enough!

Painful Sorrow

by Bénne
There is sadness in my chest
This Sadness is my curse
You go without saying you love me
But you come to say goodbye to me

Love, I set you free
To go where you want to be
Go and share with her the many things you feel
Now my time has come to bleed and never heal
I walked out never looking back in vain
in this pain I knew I’ll never love again.

Then I recall I said goodbye to another
The one promised to love and love forever
I searched for him among the silent ones
I searched in the rain never hoping it calms
You left without saying goodbye to me
You never came back to say you love me

When Words Hurt

 By Bénne

Though you’ve never hurt me before
You come close to causing my heart to sore
And though, it may have began without your intention
There are certain words I beg you never to mention

Never hurt me with words that cuts like daggers
To bleed in the heart inflicts great sadness
I love you more than pain can impose on a man
But your impudence seeps into my body and mind

It stiffens my very being and weakens my only soul
Paralysing the joy I gain from loving you alone
When words of love has done nothing but failed
Joy in a bright sunny day turns all but pale

Love, Fear & Wishes

by Bénne
I love you  and it's as much as you do me
and greatly, I miss you and you know it
And it maybe forever
Do not wound my heart this way
For the heart takes a long time to heal
The tragedy it will be when time is not on my side
Tell me! Oh tell me those words
Those words you sing into my ears
That makes my heart longs so much for you
They echo in my ears when you are away
And I long for you to be close again
My heart is centred on the bridge between life and death
Your mistake may be my perishing
You have no idea what you do to me
And the thoughts you plants in my head
Does nothing than to please me when you are away
When I am free you linger freely in my mind
I try to kick you out of my mind
But you go to hide and come back again to torment me
I attempt to wrestle you out of my mind
In attempt to be sane again
But Chris, thinking of you is all I do!