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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Love, Fear & Wishes

by Bénne
I love you  and it's as much as you do me
and greatly, I miss you and you know it
And it maybe forever
Do not wound my heart this way
For the heart takes a long time to heal
The tragedy it will be when time is not on my side
Tell me! Oh tell me those words
Those words you sing into my ears
That makes my heart longs so much for you
They echo in my ears when you are away
And I long for you to be close again
My heart is centred on the bridge between life and death
Your mistake may be my perishing
You have no idea what you do to me
And the thoughts you plants in my head
Does nothing than to please me when you are away
When I am free you linger freely in my mind
I try to kick you out of my mind
But you go to hide and come back again to torment me
I attempt to wrestle you out of my mind
In attempt to be sane again
But Chris, thinking of you is all I do!

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