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Monday, 15 August 2011

Gone with the Wind

by Bénne
Never push the one you love and make the wind carry her away
You can only be a fool to be handing a rare diamond to an animal
The sad empty feeling you’ll cause upon your soul on this day
Will creep into your heart when the wind blows out the candle
With your bare hands and before your eyes you abused her
What there had stopped you? You threw your love to the wind
From your mouth you were rude and with it you accused her
What kind words had stopped you? You threw your heart to the wind
And when her spirit cried and bled you showed her no care
Your compassion was now blind. You forgot love was there
You evicted her from your heart paved way for hatred to reside in
You never spoke peace when things had inadvertently gone wrong
But pride in you showed no hesitant to have her forever gone
With her little strength ever waning she still proved she loved you
But you gave her away to the wind and created emptiness in your heart
Now you stand on mountains searching for the wind that took her
Vain is your search for the wind did not drop her on mountain top
Beneath you in the valley among fields of chrysanthemums, the wind laid her

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